A New Device For Old Devices

by Bag (version 2)

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Bag version 2


released January 2, 2015

Ty Cummings - Bass/Vox
Alex Colston - Drums

Recorded and mixed by Jaime Gartelos
Gill-star Studios at Benton House, Chicago Il



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.
Track Name: "Schedule"
It's consecrated
Its praxis determined
Our ethics baited

And though wheels turn
they go around
at stand-still though
and ware down the ground

I feel my own fright
its tired gloom
in time our eyes wide but through

I cannot find in stone a recourse zone
turning out reform and bones, no recourse zone
a cold machine that cricks its neck,
its code decrees: "give it a go"
wild and fine,
a human tries
and fails on time.
Track Name: Porno Dissident
How Could I?
The Spectacle's in a deep bend
How? How? How?

I want it to know
where I am
I want it to show
what I can't

How could I?

Oh, can it see an untouched pine tree?
Oh, and invent a porno dissident?
Oh but its hands tied, hell-bent on bulls-eye
Track Name: Lake Wobegone
Last thing's new sound
all right and wrong and solid ground

In chimes time's howl
its memory disguised and proud

and takes
a holiday
to Lake Wobegone
go on be white
we're waiting for you to lose
all in time
he's straight, single, and divine.
Track Name: World's Last Living Baby
I scream and dance and need and plead.
I'm the world's last baby,
teach me to grow up and die.

Goodbye green skies...
teach me that it's blue
tell me how it goes.
Track Name: Shape Shape
I had encountered fate near River Shad
What's become? Nothing speaks to what's become.


She makes a shape
one my mind can't help explore
our bodies shake
worry what such things endure
and what's at stake
someone I can't bare to know.
Track Name: Safe Passage
"safe passage"
Track Name: 10048
From desert homes
a pleading drones

Ethnic voice
you call out in pain
though the world sleeps

And so they say,
"White clouds, don't veil the western fire
our home town's in range."

And so they sing,
"If I hide
for a while,
I'll see what life brings."

Death from above!
Quiet, looming dove glides
unseen, hell-bent blank sky.

Who, what, and where
commits laissez-faire?

and why
Track Name: Blank Stare
I needed a decoy
in order to destroy,
I needed to surmise
a particular demise

and I want
oh let it go through what I do
what's left aground
oh the loss not found
what's left to see
and pixel imagery.
I am not mine.
How could I find my real take,
oh how could I
how could I